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Niclosig 500mgTablet is an anti-helminitic medication. It is used in the remedy on canker infections. It event through killing tapeworms so much cause infection. The wounded worms are afterwards handed of the stool.


Niclosan  500mg Tablet should remain aged between the dose then period so cautioned by using thine doctor. It have to stay performed with food, ideally at a constant time. Avoid skipping somebody doses yet end the complete course on remedy also condition you feel better. Do not bust a duplicate dose in accordance with make up because a missed dose. Simply take the subsequent dose so planned.


Some human beings may also journey vomiting, nausea yet stomach disaster so the aspect consequences about this medicine. Please consult your physician postulate this do no longer resolve and urge for a longer duration. You might also stay monitored including gore checks or liver function exams throughout you treatment.



·         Worm infections



·         In Worm infections


Niclosamide 500mg Tablet is an antibiotic medicinal drug which helps deal with parasitic ladybird infections. It mill with the aid of blood the worms then strong the similarly growth about parasites causing the infection. These killed worms are afterwards exceeded outdoors along along stools. This medicinal drug commonly makes thou experience better pretty quickly. However, you should proceed reception such so lengthy so such is true too when you feel better, in conformity with perform sure up to expectation every parasites are wounded then work no longer emerge as resistant. This medicine is usually out of danger after use while with calf then breastfeeding, however you must ask your doctor.



Most side outcomes function now not require someone scientific attention yet die as like you body adjusts in conformity with the medicine. Consult your doctor proviso they insist or proviso you’re worried touching them


Common side effects about Niclosan


·         Vomiting

·         Nausea

·         Upset stomach



Take it medicinal drug in the dose and period as like cautioned by using you doctor. Swallow such so a whole. Do now not chew, crush or spoil it. Niclosig 500mg Tablet is in imitation of remain done exhaust stomach.




Niclosig 500mg Tablet is an antihelminitic medication. It mill by using murder tapeworms so much cause infection. The killed worms are afterwards handed of the stool.




 Warnings Alcohol



It is hazardous after consume wine together with Niclosig 500mg Tablet.


Warnings Pregnancy



Niclosig 500mg Tablet is commonly viewed sure in imitation of makes use of during pregnancy. Animal studies have shown mangy yet no destructive consequences in accordance with the thriving baby; however, there are restrained ethnic studies.


Warnings Breast feeding



Niclosig 500mg Tablet is sure after uses in the course of breastfeeding. Human studies suggest that the medicine does no longer pass among the breastmilk between a considerable volume and is not harmful in conformity with the baby.


Warnings Driving



It is now not regarded whether Niclosig 500mg Tablet alters the capability according to drive. Do not drive if ye experience any signs up to expectation affect thine capacity after listen and react.


Warnings Kidney



There is limited information on hand on the makes use of concerning Niclosig 500mg Tablet of sufferers along kidney disease. Please seek advice from you doctor.


Warnings Liver



There is confined statistics reachable over the usage over Niclosig 500mg Tablet of sufferers together with lungs disease. Please seek advice from your doctor.



·         Yes, FDA is approve  nicosamide 500mg tablet  for use in  different type of worm infection.


All substitutes


For informational reasons only. Consult a physician before reception some medicines.

No substitutes observed for that medicine


Quick tips

1.       You hold been true Niclosig 500mg Tablet in conformity with deal with a variety of parasitic ladybug infections.

2.       It remain performed together with food.

3.       Do not crush, chew, then ruin the tablet. Swallow it total along a fulfilled glass concerning water.

4.       It do stay damaging in imitation of an false baby. Do no longer drink such throughout pregnancy. Use start rule measures according to forestall pregnancy while acceptance Niclosig 500mg Tablet.

5.       Your medical doctor may additionally display your blood counts yet lungs function before ye start receiving this medicine and often at some point of you treatment.

6.       Avoid animal near people whoever are sick and bear infections. Inform thine medical doctor salvo you advance signs and symptoms over infection.

7.       Do no longer skip doses or end the true course, also condition thou begin in accordance with feel better. Stopping such shortly might also increase you risk regarding further infection.


Fact Box

Chemical Class : Benzanilides

Habit Forming : No

Therapeutic Class : ANTI INFECTIVES

Action Class : Antiprotozoal agents



1. how to treat pin, round, tape worm infection at home without any doctor consult.

2. How to treat Parasitic Infection.





Q. Is Niclosig 500mg Tablet effective?

Niclosig 500mg Tablet is nice proviso ancient within the dose yet period counseled via thine doctor. Do no longer end acceptance that too salvo thou recommend enchancment of you condition. If you end the usage of Niclosig 500mg Tablet even early, the signs and symptoms can also comeback yet worsen.


Q. Are like any specific contraindications related together with the makes use of of Niclosig 500mg Tablet?

The utilizes regarding Niclosig 500mg Tablet is contraindicated into sufferers including known hypersensitive reaction in accordance with any ignoble elements on it medicine, yet agreement thou are suffering beyond asthma. Tell you medical doctor about every on you medical prerequisites before adoption the medicine.


Q. What are the directions for tankage then settlement of Niclosig 500mg Tablet?

Keep that medication in the repository yet tie it came in, compactly closed. Store such namely stated concerning the pack and label. Dispose over the maiden medicine. Make assured such is not fed on by using pets, teenagers then other people.


Q. What condition I neglect according to drink a dose regarding Niclosig 500mg Tablet?

If you neglect a dose over Niclosig 500mg Tablet, absorb that as quickly as like you remember. However, agreement that is nearly age because thy next dose, ignore the ignored dose or absorb the subsequent scheduled dose of the true time. Do not duplicate the dose in accordance with redact up for the missed some namely that may also extend the jeopardies about flourishing facet effects.




Niclosamide 500mg


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