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"Lin Fei, it seems that you know something about the use of the Tesseract. If you can use the special energy of cosmic magic to help me deal with the girl of destruction, I will have a better chance of winning." Suture mother-in-law said. System, you have devoured the Tesseract, can you help to deal with the girl of destruction? Lin Fei asked the God of War system in his mind. The system is in the process of devouring energy at high speed. The magic energy of the universe is very special. Before the reabsorption is completed, it will enter a dormant state to the outside world. The voice of the Zhanshen system sounded in Lin Fei's brain, and then, no matter how Lin Fei called, the Zhanshen system had no voice. His sister's, you are ruthless, system, you prepare to entrap me to death. Lin Fei said angrily there. I'll do my best. I'll contact some helpers. Prepare your secret cell quickly, mother-in-law. Make it as thick as possible. Lin Fei said, dialing the communicator of the white-haired elder of the Super Soldier Alliance who had the power of time and space. The Cybot planet where the robot is located, the rune army led by the destruction girl, after confirming that the Tesseract has been secretly sent away, sent to a medical research information called the suture mother-in-law of the Big Dipper of the Dragon Federation, finally launched several rounds of continuous firing on the Cybot planet, and then withdrew. Because the rune religion that destroys the girl develops in the Hundred Beasts Empire,plastic pallet bin, and the medical school that sews up the mother-in-law is in the Dragon Federation, and there are two fleets at war in the middle. Destroy the girl, after looking at the virtual interstellar map sent by her men, wrote down the coordinates of the Big Dipper. In order to be in a hurry, the girl of destruction, who is very confident of her ability, directly lets the rune believers develop freely in the Empire of Beasts,plastic trash bins, sets off by themselves, flies fast in space, makes space jumps again and again, and rushes to the Big Dipper of the Dragon Federation at full speed alone. rq Chapter 357 the approach of a strong enemy. The robot leader of the planet Saybolt began to count the losses of the war with his huge computing and analytical light brain, and came up with a data that made him very angry. The robot leader looked at the robot planet he had painstakingly built, which could be said to be a huge robot army, which thought it could compete with humans in the near future, and suffered serious losses after the battle. More than 20% of the robots that were blown up were irreparable, and 30% of the robots and the defense system on the planet Saibot were damaged. The energy reserves were seriously consumed, and the transportation lines of external energy sources were almost completely destroyed by the Super Soldier Alliance. After this war, in a short period of more than ten days, the overall strength was reduced by about one third. Originally as beautiful as a metal forest, the planet Saybolt is full of metal debris and cracks after missile explosions. The robot leader is so angry that he has put Lin Fei, plastic wheelie bins ,plastic bulk containers, the future "son-in-law", on the list of those who must be killed. When he has enough strength, he must take revenge and swear that he will not let his daughter, the princess of the robot empire, think about Lin Fei in the future. The only relief was that the powerful rune fleet, which had besieged them, had finally withdrawn. The robot leader of the planet Saybolt originally possessed two advanced energy items: One is the spherical magical kindling, which can absorb external energy and make metal machines into intelligent and energetic robots. One is the Tesseract: a temporarily developed use of cosmic magic. It is possible to reduce the size of robots and disguise them as human beings. This time, the robot leader, in order not to be attacked by the rune fleet and the survival of the future robot empire, can only give up the Rubik's Cube, which has not yet been developed with mysterious energy and the way to travel through time and space, to distract the destruction girl and her rune fleet. This also means that, from now on, it will be very difficult for robotic organizations to disguise themselves as human beings on the premise of preserving strong combat effectiveness. After this war. The robot organization, the leader of the first generation of intelligent robots on the planet Saybolt, also realized that robots with human appearance are just floating clouds, and that only with strong destructive power and combat effectiveness is the strongest card to survive. From this day on, Saybolt's robots are no longer disguised as human beings. We will restore the original appearance of the robot and enhance its combat effectiveness as much as possible. We will transform into all kinds of machines, warships, mecha, flying cars, fighters! For Saybolt! The robot leader of the planet Saybolt. In the heart side curses Lin Fei and destroys the young girl, had better both die, the side uses the solemn tone to announce to the outside world. Rune Fleet. In this battle, the number of casualties among Potter's droid legions was even greater. Rune fleet. About half of the rune battleships and rune fighters were destroyed by robots. But these losses, in the eyes of the destruction girl, is a simple data, did not take it to heart, at the moment of the destruction girl, is in space. For her obsession to travel back to the rune age, she moved at a high speed. Big Dipper, sew mother-in-law's underground laboratory, Lin Fei dialed the communicator of the white-haired elder of the Super Soldier Alliance, and waited for a long time before someone got through. The dialogue device was turned into a virtual stereo video mode by the white-haired elder. Lin Fei saw that the virtual projection setting of the wristwatch communicator was turned on, and a picture of the white-haired elder was projected. He was wearing a white hospital gown and lying in a huge silver-white metal recovery cabin, soaking in recovery fluid. The white-haired old man looked very haggard at this time. My white-haired elder, what happened to you? Who hurt you like this? Lin Fei asked with some surprise. Lord of the alliance, didn't you pass those gold-swallowing beasts to you last time. Last time I failed to improve my mental strength and powers, I used the Forbidden Power Array, which made my body and mind seriously overdrawn and almost died. Seeing that the leader of the alliance still knows how to care about me, at least I didn't bother in vain. By the way, has the Big Dipper succeeded in ruling our first non-human planet? The white-haired elder said to Lin Fei in a weak voice. The Big Dipper has been completely ruled by non-human beings. Rest at ease,collapsible pallet box, Elder. When I have a good rest, if I am still alive at that time, I will let you come and visit. Lin Fei said. 


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