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Zhang Yang said with a sneer, "Well, Xiaofu, you continue to call the police. If I can't see the police again in ten minutes, I'll sue them for dereliction of duty!" After saying this, Zhang Yang strode upstairs. Someone recognized the young deputy mayor and got out of the way one after another. A narrow passage appeared in the middle. Zhang Yang came to the third floor and saw the migrant workers with shovels and sledgehammers. He said coldly, "What do you do?"? Come to the school to make trouble? Do you know that it is a crime to interfere with the teaching order and disturb the social order? A disdainful voice sounded in the crowd: "What if it interferes with it? What if it disturbs it? Their school refuses to pay for our project.". I can't afford my wages. Our workers can't live without food! Zhang Yang's eyes focused on the front. A bald middle-aged man came out of the crowd. He was in his thirties. He was tall and strong. There were only four circles of heads on his head. The center was already bald. A pair of small eyes were jabbering around when he spoke. It was not a good person at first sight. This man was Xie Debiao, the contractor of the teaching building. "Who are you?" Asked Zhang Yang. Xie Debiao said: "My name is Xie Debiao. The contractor of this teaching building and dormitory building is me. The building has been built, and they still owe me more than one million yuan. According to the regulations, the project funds should be given when the building is delivered for use. But from the beginning of the year to now, more than half a year has passed, but they still have no money to give. I have to eat, and so many workers under me have to live." Liu Qiang reminded Xie Debiao: "Xie Debiao, how do you speak?"? This is our new Mayor Zhang! "What's wrong with the mayor?" Asked Xie Debiao? The mayor has to be reasonable and pay off his debts. It's natural for me to ask Meng Zonggui for money! He turned around and said, "Are you right, brothers?" Dozens of migrant workers echoed at the same time: "It is perfectly justified to repay debts!" Zhang Yang nodded with a sneer: "Xie Debiao, don't you know that there is no reason to say in this world?" "There's a reason for everything,hydraulic fitting supplier," said Xie Debiao. "No matter how big an official is, he has to pay attention to the word reason." Zhang Yang raised his wrist and looked at the time: "I'll give you a minute to take your workers away immediately!" "What if I say no?" Xie Debiao stared at the deputy mayor without taking him seriously. Zhang Yang ignored him, staring at his watch, and the scene fell into a brief stalemate. Although Xie Debiao was very rude, some of the migrant workers were already afraid. As the saying goes, "People don't fight with officials.". The deputy mayor is still a great deterrent to ordinary people. Zhang Yang raised his head, nodded to Xie Debiao with a smile,stainless steel tube fitting, and then punched him in the chest. In full view of the public, Xie Debiao was beaten and fell on his back. He was unconscious when he lay on the ground. No one thought that the deputy mayor should make a move when he should make a move. The mood of the migrant workers around him could not be controlled. They surrounded Zhang Yang. Zhang Yang's eyes turned over and a strong murderous look spread around him. The migrant workers were so frightened that they did not dare to move forward. This was the gas field. Liu Qiang, who was beside Zhang Yang, obviously felt a chill. I couldn't help shivering. Zhang Yang said, "Leave the school right now, or all of you who took part in the trouble will be held legally responsible." Zhang Yang's words have had some effect, and some migrant workers have begun to leave. Liu Qiang saw Xie Debiao lying motionless on the ground. He was a little curious to explore Xie Debiao's nose, but there was no sound at all. Liu Qiang's face changed. He lay on Xie Debian's chest again and listened. He exclaimed, "I'm out of breath!" "Oh?" Said Zhang Yang carelessly? Out of gas? As if it had nothing to do with him at all. At this time the headmaster Meng Zonggui flummoxed out of the office, heard that Xie Debiao was out of breath, hurriedly let people go to the clinic to call the school doctor over, the school doctor for Xie Debiao after the examination, needle valve manufacturer ,ball valve manufacturer, immediately came to the conclusion of Xie Debian's death. As soon as I heard that Xie Debiao was dead, everyone quit far away, and the migrant workers avoided it. Although it was Zhang Yang who killed Xie Debiao, they also participated in the disturbance. Today, this matter is so big that everyone knows that staying may be implicated. With a bitter face, Liu Qiang said to Zhang Yang: "Vice Mayor Zhang, please, please!" Zhang Yang said calmly, "What's the trouble?"? I hit him. What does it have to do with you? Liu Qiangxin said, of course, it has nothing to do with me, you are unlucky, you are in trouble. What about the deputy mayor? If the deputy mayor killed someone, he would be punished by law. He hid to one side to make a phone call, or to the Public Security Bureau. He still called the police. However, the content of this report was that Zhang Yang, the deputy mayor, had killed someone. Fifteen minutes later, three police cars roared into the campus of Fengze No.1 Middle School. The main figures of the Fengze City Public Security Bureau were all out. Zhao Guodong, director of the Public Security Bureau, walked at the front. Qiu Jinzhu, chief of the Criminal Police Brigade, and Cheng Yandong, deputy director of the Public Security Bureau, followed him. Zheng Bo, deputy chief of the Criminal Police Brigade, led several policemen at the end. Qiu Jinzhu was in the most complicated mood at this time. Just now they were all discussing the case in the meeting room of the Public Security Bureau. Zhao Guodong asked everyone to turn off their phones. He had a premonition that something might happen. Sure enough, it didn't take long for Zhang Yang to kill someone. Zhao Guodong was very excited after hearing about it. Almost all the important leaders of the Public Security Bureau were called over. He's not asking people to analyze the case. He's asking them to come and watch the fun. On the way, Zhao Guodong also made a special phone call to his brother-in-law, Shen Qinghua, Secretary of the Fengze Municipal Party Committee, to report that Zhang Yang had killed a person. Secretary Shen's attitude was very clear. The prince committed the same crime as the common people. If Zhang Yang violated the law, he would also be arrested. Fu Changzheng endured the fear in his heart and went to touch Xie Debiao's pulse, but there was still no response. Fu Changzheng looked at the young deputy mayor sympathetically. Zhang Yang was so young, because of an impulsive punch, his bright future was ruined. Fu Changzheng just had some good feelings for the leader, thinking that although Zhang Yang did not stick to trifles, he was, after all, a person who did practical things. Zhao Guodong came to Zhang Yang with a serious face: "Vice Mayor Zhang,38 needle valve, what's going on?" Zhang Yang asked in reply, "Why did you arrive so late?"? From the police station to the public security Bureau, they all went on strike at this time. What a coincidence! 。 


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