After the rebirth, the scum attack all spoils me.

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"What are you worried about?"! There are ten of us. You can't see. That's not the point. The point is, what's the use of following you? One more of you and I'll carry more things! "I don't want you to carry it." Xu Zeen lowered his eyelashes. He wore a pair of brown flat-framed glasses on his face. He restrained all his emotions in the lenses. "I have the ability to protect myself. I won't hold you back." Jin Yao waved his hand: "Forget it!" As soon as he grabbed the rope, he climbed up the helicopter like a flying ape and pulled the rope up. Xu Zeen looked up and heard Jin Yao shouting, "Master, let's go!" ———— The helicopter put all the people in an open place in the rainforest. Jin Yao landed first and caught the others one by one. Gu Qing was the last one to come down. Soon after the plaster cast on his arm was removed, Jin Yao was worried that he would not be able to hold on and wanted to help him pack his backpack. Smiling, Gu Qing pressed his head and said, "Don't make trouble. It's all patted. Save some face for me." Jin Yao did not force himself to smile at Gu Qing. As the leader, he had entered the forest for special training on the spot before. He asked everyone to divide into two lines and stood at the front of the team to prepare for the mobilization lecture before marching. His feet were slightly divided and his hands were behind his back. As soon as he stood out in this posture, Zhang Jingfeng could not help saying: "Leader, have you ever been a soldier?"! Your military posture is too standard! Chen Xiaoran is holding his cheeks in both hands, with small stars in his eyes, and the attributes of his younger brother are undoubtedly obvious: "So handsome!" Jin Yao was so confused that he almost forgot his lines. He was even in a trance for a moment. He knew that he had spent a period of time in the past in the North. Before that, he thought that entering the North Rainforest would remind him of something. Unfortunately, after 20 days of training, he did not remember the past except the terrain and environment. This is the largest tropical rain forest in Dongzhou. After systematic study and understanding, you should know that there are many dangers here. The hot climate, the heavy rain that may fall at any time, the complex terrain and numerous dangerous animals and plants will make every step of our walk alarming. From now on,Precision Welded pipes, no one can be alone at any time, although we are doing the program. There are many people staring at the monitor watching us, but I still hope that in these fifteen days, we can rely on our own strength out of this jungle, is a man, we must go forward, never back down! Do you have confidence?! Everyone laughed,side impact door beams, and even Jin Yao himself couldn't help laughing: "Damn, who wrote such a stupid line.." Jin Yao said meaningfully: "Take advantage of this time, you smile more, smile enough ah!" Instinctively, the crowd became alert. Jin Yao turned around and waved his hand: "Come with me!" Rainforest land is barren, covered with thick dead branches and fallen leaves, creaking on them. At first, everyone felt very fresh. The whole team marched happily and orderly. Little Heavenly King Zhang Jingfeng even sang a song: "It's sunny today, beautiful scenery everywhere, beautiful scenery.." A group of people were singing, laughing and walking happily, as if they were traveling. Apart from anything else in the rainforest, the air quality was really first-class, natural pure oxygen, beam impact tubes ,aluminium coated tubes, and it was refreshing to breathe. Dead Wuti, dead Wuti! Chen Xiaoran scampered in the first row, and it was very convenient to disturb Jin Yao. Jin Yao had no choice but to turn his head. "What for?" "Look, look!" Chen Xiaoran pointed to the monkeys in the trees in the distance, "there are two monkeys!" "This is a forest, of course there will be monkeys!" Jin Yao suppressed his temper. He took two steps and poked him. No matter how good his temperament was, he couldn't help it. Will they rob us? Chen Xiaoran asked curiously. If you don't go to it and don't take things out, they won't come to you. ” "What if I recruit them?" "You recruit them to do." Fuck Chen Xiaoran was simply a walking source of trouble. Before Jin Yao had finished speaking, he picked up a stone and threw it at the monkey in the tree! This was like stirring up a hornet's nest. The two monkeys squeaked. Not long after, the sound above their heads became louder and louder. The original two monkeys called more than ten companions in an instant. They moved and jumped among the trees, and two larger ones showed their teeth to the crowd. Walking in the rainforest, everyone holds a wooden walking stick, but even so, the stars who stay in the civilized city for many years are so frightened by a group of wild monkeys. Seven men and a dozen monkeys face off against each other, and a strange invisible fire fills the sky over the rainforest. The smell of medicine War seems imminent. Squeak- " A sharp and sharp cry suddenly sounded, the largest monkey issued an order to attack, a dozen monkeys rushed towards the human in an instant, all of them were shocked, instinctively waving their sticks to fight. However, the monkey's movements are too agile, each of them has thirty or forty pounds, by the force of the height prance down, two front paws directly grabbed the stick, unexpectedly with people at loggerheads, and the number of monkeys is more than human beings, between lightning, I heard Shen Qian and Yang Yu cried out, they were bitten by monkeys. Whoosh, whoosh. There was a sharp sound of breaking through the air, and the sound of "squeaking" kept ringing in disorder, panic, anger, and craziness overhead. Jin Yao, armed with a slingshot, aimed at the monkey head that was always giving orders on the tree trunk, and beat it around. The other monkeys let go one after another, and all the others gathered around Jin Yao, even surrounding him. The wild monkeys were full of ferocity, and all of them stared at Jin Yao ruthlessly. Jin Yao! Gu Qing cried out. Die Wu Ti! Chen Xiaoran watched helplessly as a monkey swung in the air and flew toward Jin Yao's head, and his voice was filled with tears. Jin Yao, however, was not in a hurry. When the monkey flew over, he leaned back and bent his waist into a semicircular arc. He watched the monkey pounce on the air,Cold Drawn Seamless Tubes, but Jin Yao grabbed the monkey's hind limbs with lightning speed. One hand stuck the monkey's neck. The monkey's eyes bulged, his limbs were weak in an instant, and he was paralyzed between Jin Yao's arms. 


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