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Although the fear of leaving Sun two people's magic power is slightly better, but it is only so good. But the Eldar sorcery is weird, the giant clan tactics are tough, and there are many people. After a bitter battle, dozens of Eldar and giant clans almost left Sun Cihang's life in Jiuli. Fortunately, the two of them saw that the situation was not right and fled quickly enough. Even so, Cihang was in witchcraft and almost destroyed the primordial spirit. He was afraid to leave his grandson. He was smashed by the axes of several little giants and almost became a second-class cripple. After fleeing back to the bank of Ji Shui, he swallowed a large bottle of elixir and rested for three days. He was afraid to leave Sun Fangcai's face a little better and turned back to the Xuanyuan tribe to submit the stolen results. [Chapter 324 of the main text kneels down to receive the decree] Vertical and horizontal book sea words big good-looking protect your eyes with steal nine Li department of bronze smelting technology, fear to stay sun finally became the high priest of the bear tribe. The first thing he did after he was promoted was to put the statue of his master yuanshi Tianzun on the altar, and at the same time, he recruited the other twelve brothers of his school to act as priests, and by the way, he promoted the doctrine in the bear tribe. It's just that as soon as the street stall was set up here, the people who grabbed the business came. Well, in fact, it is not a person, but a dragon, whose name is Ying Long, who comes to rob the business of Zoroastrianism. Unlike ordinary dragons, Ying Long has a pair of wings. I don't know what Ying Long muttered in front of the head of the bear clan. In short, after a private discussion between Ying Long and Gongsun Xuanyuan,china tile trim, Ying Long also officially took up the post of priest of the bear tribe. Although his position was not as high as that of the high priest, he was relatively independent and did not belong to each other. In a sense, this should be the dragon is to explain part of the power of the people. Unexpectedly, the dragon was not worshipped by the great gods of the dragon clan, but by two bald men, who did not look like the people of the Middle Earth. Later, a group of thugs recruited by Ying Long also confirmed this point. This group of people is divided into two categories, one is similar to the dragon,stainless steel tile trim, which belongs to the dragon clan. At the head are eight orthodox dragons, who rule over a large number of reptiles like lizards and whales, while the other group is a group of bald men with extremely dark skin, whose name is very tongue-twisting, Sakyamuni Huan Indra. Seemingly for the convenience of preaching, this group of bald men called themselves Tianzhong, roughly the meaning of the gods, while the leader called himself Emperor Shitian, meaning that he was the emperor of the Sakyamuni gods. Emperor Shitian led the bald man to call himself Tianzhong, and Ying Long and other eight dragons led a group of whales, lizards and so on to call themselves Tianzhong, which together were called the eight Tianlong. Barbarian people, really no culture, obviously only two, dare to call themselves eight dragons, metal trim manufacturers ,stainless steel tile edge trim, you really when the flood and famine people do not know how to drop? Afraid of Liusun and all the martial brothers, he said contemptuously in his heart. Although they had the intention to teach the reptiles and the barbarians a lesson, the disciples only turned around outside the cave house of the so-called eight heavenly dragons, and then ran back to their own territory dejectedly. It turned out that although the whales, lizards, and little bald heads were not well cultivated, Emperor Shitian and the eight Oriental dragons were absolutely masters. Because as soon as the disciples of Zoroastrianism touched the door, they were discovered by these nine guys. And from these people deliberately leaked out of the momentum, that Xiu Wei, at least that is more than 30 days of the master, Bao Qi, but also likely to have quasi-holy level of the master. At the thought of this possibility, these disciples felt very sad. Originally, this Zoroastrianism has only been established for more than a hundred years. And these more than a dozen disciples, although they had practiced before they worshipped the master, after all, they were casual practitioners in the wild way. In addition, they had few adventures and did not encounter any magic weapons and skills that went against the sky. Therefore, their cultivation was not very high. Even the eldest of these disciples, who has lived for millions of years, has barely reached the twenty-eighth heaven. The remaining twelve people, such as those who feared to stay in the sun, were even lower, probably all in the twenty-four heavens. This kind of cultivation, in the ordinary prehistoric monks, can also be regarded as a small master, plus, these interpretation disciples, most of them have the treasure given by yuanshi Tianzun to defend themselves, and the monks who are slightly higher than these interpretation disciples are no match for these people. However, there are limits to leapfrogging challenges. These dragons are obviously prehistoric aliens in ancient times. Maybe, among them, there are quasi-innate monsters who are contemporary with Shifu yuanshi Tianzun, who are contaminated with innate spirit. These demons are not the ones that can be provoked by these disciples now. Since it was impossible to expel the other side by force, several disciples discussed it and sent a jade amulet to the teacher Primitive Tianzun. At the same time, they honestly began to preach in the bear tribe. By the way, they tried to get in touch with Gongsun Xuanyuan to see if they could bring him under their door. However, it was obvious that the old dragons and the bald man named Emperor Shitian had the same idea. This patriarch Youxiong, however, was extremely tactful. He showed goodwill to both sides, but he also wanted to eat and take cards on both sides. He often used various excuses to squeeze the surplus value of the disciples of the Western religion. Whenever the disciples of the two religions proposed to worship the teacher, this patriarch Youxiong would talk about it. Although he was very dissatisfied with the bear patriarch, the disciples of the two religions did not dare to show any dissatisfaction. After all, before going down the mountain, the teacher had told us that this bear patriarch was a key figure in the prosperity of the religion. There are two groups of free labor available, and the bronze smelting work of the bear tribe is flourishing. But in nine years, the bear tribe has completely completed the leap-forward development from the semi-stone age to the bronze age. During this period,stainless steel tile edging, General Dahong trained hundreds of thousands of elite soldiers for the bear tribe, plus the original number of troops, the total strength of the bear tribe has reached a million. 


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