The Daily Life of the First Brother in the Zombie World

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Zhao Siyang is injured, and he can't win. In a flash of lightning. I pushed Bu Fan out hard. Then he let go of Guo Wu, stepped back, grabbed the gun from the man's hand, opened his mouth, which was still stained with blood, and bit off his neck! "Ah! Ah!" With a howl of pain, the man twisted Zhao Siyang's hand and pressed him to the ground! "Xu Kui!"! Get out of here! Zhao Siyang was hit with blood on his forehead. Fuck Why doesn't this man let go! Boom. The roaring sound of the flames rushed to my ears. It's too late! At the moment of life and death, Bu Fan ran back, picked up the broken stones on the ground and smashed them into the man's temple! "What are you doing back?" Zhao Siyang got up immediately after he was loosened and pulled us behind him! Fuck! Who can rob me at this time! I can't ***ing die! In a hurry, I kicked Zhao Siyang on the thigh wound! He snorted and knelt down directly. I dragged Bu Fan, pressed them under a remaining stone slab,cherry blossom wedding centerpiece, and then put my hands on the surface of the stone slab to protect them! "Get out of here!" Zhao Siyang wanted to get up, but he fell back because of his leg injury. Brother Wu! Bu Fan stared at me for fear that I would disappear in the next moment. The dazzling light of the fire rushed from behind me. It's over. I can't protect them all by myself! "Get in the car!" A black van came at a high speed and opened the door! It got us all into it! Boom! The car door was forced up, and then rushed out against the flames! "Eyah!" The heat wave rushed into the carriage and pulled the head of my bodyguard to burn off half of his hair. I quickly sat up and looked at Bu Fan up and down. It's all right! I turned to look at Zhao Siyang, the forehead was blackened, Emma,fake ficus tree, fortunately no hair, this is all right! Finally, I looked at Guo Wu, whose face was innocent, but whose eyebrows were burned into two round cakes. It's all right! It's a relief. "Well, hey, hey," the head of the bodyguard still grabbed his sunglasses and smiled like a beast. "It's all right." "All right?" Zhao Siyang raised his eyebrows and looked at each other with a particularly fierce look. This The head of the bodyguard was a little weak. "Isn't this saved?" Zhao Siyang glanced at me and frowned a thin line between his eyebrows: "Save is to save back, but not the original person." I immediately turned to look at the scenery. Ah The head of the bodyguard gawked at me? Disfigured? Why is your mouth cracked? "I did." Zhao Siyang said. That's it! You've made a fool of yourself. Of course it's not what it used to be. What's it to me? The head of the bodyguard curled his lips. "Brother Rusheng." Bu Fan sat down beside me and grabbed the corner of my clothes. I looked back at him and found that the child's eyelids were still spattered with blood. I patted him on the head and wiped his eyes with my sleeve, faux grass wall ,Faux cherry blossom tree, only to find that the blood on my sleeve had stained half of his face. I've always known that Bu Fan is different from ordinary children. But it wasn't until today that I saw him kill an adult quickly, accurately and ruthlessly that I realized that I had missed the chance to protect him. He has learned to face the darkness by himself. I did not do wrong, I am not afraid, 'right' for me, is on your side, "Bu Fan looked at my white coat, some hesitation," you.. " I thought he was going to ask me what happened in the lab, and I couldn't help feeling a little conflicted. As a result, he said, "Let's eat yuanyang Pot tonight." I was brewing a good mood, he was so a mouth back, almost choked to death. Eat! Eat! Eat! It should have been eaten long ago! The van drove all the way back to Dafujing. Carrying Zhao Siyang, I just walked into the door and found that my egg and Zhanqing were tied under the big banyan tree in the yard like dogs. Although one of them is a dog. I glanced at Zhao Siyang. That group of bodyguards obviously already knew that I was a zombie, but certainly could not guess with their intelligence quotient, that is what Zhao Siyang said. You look at me? You ran away. You think it's easy to find you? "Cough." I looked at Dr. Wu who came out of the room and put a smile on his face. Now that they know, it is possible to report the intelligent corpse to the national wall. I have to eliminate that possibility. Ouch! Back at last! Doctor Wu took Zhao Siyang from my shoulder and held out his hand to me. I looked at the approaching finger, and the smile on my face did not diminish, but moved my teeth. Ah! What is that? Doctor Wu suddenly gave a loud shout. I looked back reflexively! Nothing! I fell for it! When I turned around, it was too late, and he hit me on the forehead with a snap of his finger. Pain!!! "All right, don't be so nervous." Dr. Wu asked the bodyguards to close the door. "You go to the house and starve for three days. When you recover, we'll talk about it." I covered my forehead and looked at him. They all said don't worry. He took Zhao Siyang into the operating room and let me follow him. Inside the operating room, there is an unremarkable mahogany cabinet. I watched impassively as he moved the cabinet out of the way, revealing a locked iron door. Inside the iron gate, there is a small laboratory with a female zombie inside. "This is my wife," Dr. Wu said. "She was out buying me a birthday present the day of the outbreak, and when I brought her back, it was like this." He raised a zombie?! I was a little shocked, but a smile came back to my face. Because laughter is a tranquilizer with no side effects. It can not only make people see through themselves,outdoor ficus tree, but also restore calm. I find that you love to laugh now. Zhao Siyang went to sit on the operating table and pulled off his clothes. I looked at the festering blood holes on his body, and my smile did not change. "Really?" "Well, the smile is very ugly." Zhao Siyang cut the suture himself. ……” You You're ***ing ugly! Or jet spiral flying ugly!!! Chapter 29. 


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