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Lin Sensen sat in front of the computer for a long time, but he had no intention of writing. After all, I was affected by that self-righteous guy. It's a big joke to say that she attracts bees and butterflies. Everyone has the heart of beauty. Is it possible to dress well just to provoke men? She also said that she ate fast and believed in Buddhism, so she simply said that she was a nun. She just likes to be a vegetarian, to read Buddhist stories, and to listen to Buddhist music. She has not yet reached the realm of religious belief. I don't know where he heard the rumor. Don't blame people for saying that rumors are always terribly distorted. It's clear that the mayor's cat is dead, but when it gets out, it becomes the mayor's death. Hey, don't want to, writing progress has fallen behind, no matter how they pass, what does her Lin Sensen have to do with them? As for Tong Xulang, he probably can't be friends. She can't afford such a difficult master. One day two months later, when Lin Sensen almost forgot the existence of this man, he appeared in her sight again. This day Lin Sensen typing upset out shopping, did not expect the enemy narrow road, actually saw Tong Xulang in the mall, but also met more than once. The first time I saw him,interactive digital whiteboard, he was standing in front of a crystal jewelry counter, with a petite and exquisite girl beside him, which made him more tall and powerful. The strangest thing is that he wore a military uniform to go shopping. In Lin Sensen's impression, he always appeared in front of her in civilian clothes on his holidays. It is undeniable that the military uniform is more in line with his tough and straight temperament, as if he was born to wear a military uniform. The second time was in front of a cosmetics counter, the girl sat on a stool to let the counter lady try makeup, while Tong Xulang stood beside her and watched. The third time was in the women's section,interactive boards for classrooms, where they were picking out clothes. I don't know if he really didn't see her or didn't see her, but he didn't say hello to her once. It was wonderful that Lin Sensen felt a little lost for a man for the first time in his heart. In the evening, Lin Sensen took a leisurely walk home along the yellow road of the street lamp. Before I got to the entrance of the community, I saw a tall and straight man standing there, carrying a pile of things in his hand. Her heart suddenly beat faster, and a premonition quickened her pace. A closer look, that is not Tong Xulang who else? She suppressed the joy in her heart and said calmly, "Hi, long time no see!" " Tong Xulang could not help but rejoice when he saw her. He strode in front of her and looked at her greedily. I haven't seen her for two months, but he almost misses her. He also wanted to forget her after the last bad break up. But her figure had occupied his whole heart, and it was not easy to expel her. Later, he also gradually figured out that emotional things are not urgent, touch screen whiteboard ,smart board for conference room, since she has a heart knot, then he can only continue to work hard. This afternoon, Tong Xulang came out of the empty courtyard and went straight to the mall without going home. He wanted to buy something to please Lin Sensen and make amends for what happened last time. But after wandering inside for a long time, he was not sure what to buy, and happened to meet Lu Yao, a neighbor in the military compound. Without saying a word, he dragged Lu Yao to give him advice. Tong Xulang remembered that Lin Sensen always wore several strings of crystal beads on his wrist, so he went to choose crystal ornaments accompanied by Lu Yao. Then the cosmetics and clothes were naturally chosen with the help of Lu Yao. But he did not expect that when they were carefully choosing gifts, the scene had already been seen by Lin Sensen. Lin Sensen, without exception, mistook Lu Yao for his new girlfriend. Sensen, what happened last time was my fault. If you accept these things, I will make amends to you. Tong Xulang stuffed the big bags and small bags in her hands into her arms. Lin Sensen looked at his belongings and said with a wry smile, "Even if you, Master Tong, are rich, you don't have to show off like this.". I appreciate the apology, and you can take it back. Then he pushed all the things into his arms. Don't be silly. Who can I give these women's things back to? Tong Xulang blocked it with his hand: "Push again, push again and I'll hug you!" Lin Sensen immediately stopped and glared at him: "Aren't you afraid that your girlfriend will be unhappy if you buy these things for me?" Tong Xulang's face changed: "Where did I get my girlfriend?"? Don't insult me. Lin Sensen also does not argue with him, take the thing in the hand: "Then I am not polite." "Aren't you angry?" Said Tong Xulang. Lin Sensen takes the eye to squint him: "Next time again in the dog mouth spit out ivory, don't blame this girl to fall out.". ” Tong Xulang clapped his hands with his fists and cheered: "Ah bluff!" Chapter 9 Lin Sensen opened the gift from Tong Xulang, a set of noble and elegant Swarovski crystal jewelry, a set of LANCOME cosmetics and perfume, and a red skirt. Lin Sensen thought sarcastically, as if he still needed a big red flower pinned to his ear. Do you think I'm a Spanish girl? The mobile phone rang loudly, and Lin Sensen put down her skirt to answer the phone. She glanced at the number. It was Lu Junhui. He calls Lin Sensen almost every few days to talk about each other's recent situation. Lin Sensen's life is as plain as boiled water. There is nothing to tell. Most of the time, she just listens to Lu Junhui quietly. She thought that maybe he needed a good audience to vent his heart, so she would satisfy his wish, after all, acting is a profession with great psychological pressure and labor intensity. Recently, however, Lu Junhui seems to be in a good mood. He seldom talks about his troubles at work, but talks about some interesting things. For example, there are many horror scenes and spooky scenes in the play. Li Xiaofei, the actress, is always immersed in fear because she is too deeply involved in the play, and her mood has been gloomy. Sometimes the staff patted her behind her back would scare her half to death. Lu Junhui had to often enlighten her out of his love for his sister. Li Xiaofei always stayed by his side to seek a sense of security in order not to be cranky except for sleeping. Lin Sensen said jokingly, "It seems that this play is really going to be a golden marriage after it is finished." Lu Junhui on the other end of the phone immediately stiffened and quickly explained, "Sensen, don't get me wrong. I'm just a brother and sister with Xiao Fei." "Don't be nervous, I'm just joking,smartboards in classrooms," Lin said with a smile. In fact, you two really match in appearance, and the golden couple is very attractive. 。 hsdsmartboard.com 


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