Coward [wear quickly] by Fusu and Willow Leaf

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"What's the matter, aunt? You're in charge of where I'm going?" He smiled. Do you really think I'm your son? "How can you talk?" The old lady was angry, "I am your neighbor, can't control you, but Jiang boy is your object, why don't you say?"? If I hadn't just called him, he wouldn't have known you were back! Du Yunting understood how the slag attack could appear so quickly. Feelings and a tip off here. There is no expression on his face, light way: "Auntie, this matter is not firm you trouble, I and he broke up." Jiang Wenkang's expression changed in an instant, and he took a big step forward and stared at his eyes. …… What did you say? What is divided? Next to the old lady also followed the confusion, "how can there be such a breakup?"? You give an explanation, Jiang boy in the end what is not good. Shang Lu stood by the door, his eyes following Du Yunping, and from time to time he glanced warily at the people next to him. Now that Du Yunting had found Mr. Gu, he was not in the mood to tangle with them any more. "He beat people,4k smart board," he said directly. As soon as the words came out of his mouth, the face of the slag attack stiffened and became uncertain. When the neighbors heard this, they were a little uncertain and looked back at him in surprise. Xiaojiang? "I apologized." The slag attack clenched his teeth and said, "I apologize to you, Bai Xia." Du Yun stopped blocking the door, holding his arms,classroom interactive whiteboard, indifferent. I said I'm sorry! I I was just drunk at that time. "Who hasn't had too much to drink?" Asked the old lady? The man, is the new human, possibly the brain fragment did not know how to return a responsibility, this only then hits the person. Why do you still haggle with drunk people? Du Yunting once saw this argument in the original world line. When the original owner Bai Xia slowly could not bear it any more and decided to break up with the scum man completely, it was also the old lady in front of him who came forward and persuaded him to come back with the same words. You may not be able to find a better one if I look for you again. Men are bound to do something. Everyone is like this. It's good to get used to it. Who hasn't been out of his mind? Maybe you did something wrong at that time. Just for the sake of two people's feelings, besides, didn't Jiang boy apologize? …… At that time, living in this body is the soft-hearted white summer. He cared about this feeling with all his heart, and he was afraid that he would destroy it. So he chose to forgive again and again, thinking that such violence was really just Jiang Wenkang's impulse. Besides, after hurting him every time, smart board whiteboard ,interactive panel board, Jiang Wenkang would be doubly good to him. I almost praised him to the sky. These good things to him seem to prove to him that this man actually loves him, cherishes him and cares about him. The violence used is only a momentary unconsciousness. But now it was Du Yunting who was standing here. He sniffed at the so-called truth, so he didn't even change his face. Instead, he asked the chattering old lady standing there. How can aunt be so sure? "Of course I'm sure!" Wang Ma said, "I know what kind of person Jiang Xiaozi is." The young man shrugged his shoulders. Why don't you give him a guarantee? The old lady was stunned. …… What? "Aunt is so eager to bring us together again. My lifelong happiness is on you. Of course, you have to guarantee his character," Du Yunting said, telling the child to bring the paper and pen. "You can start writing now. If Jiang Wenkang does it again, you will be responsible for it. At least you have to pay for my medical expenses, right? As soon as she heard that she had to pay her own medical expenses, the old lady stopped talking. She looked at Du Yunting and then at Jiang Wenkang standing beside her, and she had already beaten a retreat. This Isn't that necessary? "Why is it unnecessary?" Du Yun stopped forcing the pen into her hand. "Now I think what you just said is right, so if you sign a guarantee, I can feel at ease with Jiang Wenkang.". If he hits me again later, you can take it out on me. The old lady's expression changed and she looked like she was in a dilemma. This She pushed the pen trembling into Du Yunting's arms, "this." I won't do it, I won't do it. She is just pulling a line in the middle, in fact, she doesn't know what kind of person Jiang Wenkang is at all. The news that came to her came from four or five dishes from her so-called sister group and blind date group. If she was responsible, it would not be related to her. Just such a refusal shows a guilty conscience. Several neighbors next to her saw that she had just said with certainty that Jiang Wenkang had nothing in the sky or on the ground, but now they didn't even dare to write a guarantee for Jiang Wenkang, and they didn't believe her words. Aunt, that's not what you said just now. Don't you have no confidence in Jiang Xiaozi? The old lady pricked her hands and feet, and it took her a long time to say, "I'm not his mother!" "Yes," Du Yun stopped laughing. "You're not my mother either." The implication is, why do you mind my business? Wang Ma was speechless for a moment. She opened her mouth for a long time and could not say anything to refute it. She had to slam the door and go home shouting that good people were not rewarded. The people next to him saw that there were no melons to eat at the moment, and they all dispersed, leaving only one Jiang Wenkang standing at the door. Before he could speak, Du Yunting had already closed the door and locked him out again. Not knowing whether it was because he was angry or because he was cool, he felt a little hot all over now. He said to Shang Lu, "Next time I see him, I won't open the door." The wolf cub did not respond, his eyes were round, and he stared at his buttocks. The cowardice was seen by him in a panic. …… What's the matter? "Brother," Shang Lu's voice was trembling, and he called out,smart interactive whiteboard, slowly stretching out his hand and covering it on the round hair between his legs, which seemed to be a small white ball. "You.." The young man was unconsciously rubbed by him and looked back in surprise. Shang Lu swallowed his saliva. Your tail is coming out. The author has something to say: Wolf cub: The tail is coming out. Coward: Where is it? Where is it? Where?? Because the tail is too short, I can only turn around and look at it desperately. Wolf cub: (Cute speechless and throws him down!) 。 


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