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As soon as the confinement on his body loosened, Jiang Ai immediately hid in the bed, blocked it with a quilt, and gathered up his torn collar. The black bear took one look at her and said, "You are lucky today, let you go for the time being.". Jiang Ai did not know how much the stone had seen, and he was so ashamed that when he saw his irritating look, he was even more suffocated with anger. The black bear looked at her and laughed. Jiang Ai became more and more angry and turned his head away from him. Lazy came out again, looked at this and that strangely, then climbed up along the quilt, and Jiang Ai reached out to hold its little body. The black bear was jealous when she saw it. She allowed the little thing to lie on her soft chest, but refused to let him touch it. The black bear took a few glances and went out. The stone immediately came up, intending to leave with him, but the black bear suddenly stopped and said to him, "Go and heat up the food in the small kitchen. She hasn't eaten yet." Stone was stupefied: "Me?" "There is someone else here?" The black bear asked lightly. …… Oh The stone had to answer and walked slowly to the small kitchen. It's so embarrassing. How should he face Miss Jiang later? Duan Hong already knew about the rejection of the marriage proposal. Selfishly, he hoped that the little girl would marry the black bear. After all, that unstinting boy was always responsible for someone else's body. Second, the boy was very fond of her, and a father naturally expected him to do so. I just wronged the little girl anyway. The only thing he could do was to give her a place. If things were done in the future,Slate Wall Panel, she would be the queen of the black bear. Even if no one else was there, no one could shake her position. It can be regarded as a small compensation. But the little girl was unwilling, so Duan Hong was somewhat embarrassed. In fact, it is reasonable. He remembered that the girl was very polite and well-behaved. Nine was forced by the black bear. 。 In the final analysis, he failed in his duty and did not take good care of that bastard. Thinking of this, Duan Hong could not help sighing. Brother, don't worry,Porcelain Marble Slabs, in my opinion, women are duplicitous, no matter what the girl said, let the black bear marry her directly. She is already a black bear. Does she have any other choice but to marry a black bear? Seeing that he kept sighing, the third master could not help exhorting him. Duan Hong immediately glared at him: "You still have the face to say that black bears are all bad with you!" "Don't be so wronged," the third master stared. "I didn't teach him anything. He saw that the girl was good-looking and had a color heart. How could he blame me?" "Shut up!" Duan Hong scolded. The third master immediately kept silent. After a pause, he said helplessly, "Forget it. I won't stay here. You can discuss it by yourself." He just came to see his eldest brother, and when he met his fourth brother, he said that the girl didn't want to marry the black bear, so he stayed and wanted to join in the fun. Who knew that the eldest brother was the one who protected the calf. When the black bear slept with a woman, the basin would be buckled on him. Not long after he left, the black bear came, Grey Marble Slab ,Granite Slab Supplier, and Duan Hong did not have the strength to scold him, but only asked him what he was going to do. "It doesn't matter," said the black bear. "Just get married." "The girl." "I'll take care of it. Don't worry." The black bear said calmly. Duan Hong sighed and said nothing more after all. With a few words of understatement, the matter is settled. When the black bear left, it happened that the stone had heated the food and brought it into the house. He was embarrassed to stay longer and immediately ran to look for him. Where is Li Feng? The black bear asked him. It's already locked up. Stone scratched his head, some embarrassed way, "boss, if you want to interrogate him, or go tomorrow.". When I was taking laxatives, I accidentally lost a little more. Well, it's a little disgusting now. The black bear glanced at him, stopped, and turned in the direction of the thatched cottage. I'm going to find Miss Jiang again. I stayed in the thatched cottage yesterday, and I'm going again tonight. Stone thought of the picture he had just seen carelessly, and his face was so ashamed that he hurriedly shook his head, went in the opposite direction, and went back by himself. Thinking of what had not been done just now, the black bear's heart was hot, and his pace was faster and faster, and he couldn't wait to see her. She said she wanted to give it to him, so there was no reason not to eat it. Passing a courtyard, the third master came out of the blue and called him mysteriously, "I'm going to look for you.". ” The black bear stopped. "What's the matter with Uncle San?" The third master came over and said with a teasing smile, "You boy, you can't even handle a woman. You've slept through it and you can't take it down. Tut.." There was a subtle flash in the black bear's eyes, but there was no retort. The third master came here specially to deliver good things to him. He took out a pamphlet and, with a strange smile on his face, gave it to the black bear. It looked like an ordinary book. The black bear was a little strange. The third uncle was a big man. When did he start reading. Then he opened it, glanced at it, saw the two bodies intertwined in the picture, and immediately snapped it back together. The third master burst out laughing and patted him on the shoulder. He winked and said, "This is my treasure, the third uncle. Take it back and learn. Isn't it easy to coax a woman?" The eldest brother said that the black bear was taught by him, but he did not recognize it. This boy was so ashamed that he had not been taught by him. If he learned his skills, he would be sure that any woman could eat to death. The more I think about it, the more I feel that this is the reason. The third master deeply feels that he has not fulfilled his duty in teaching the black bear. After all, as a man, the ability in that respect is also very important. He thought to himself that this young man had tasted the taste of a woman for the first time, and he was afraid that he had only enjoyed himself and had not made the girl comfortable. There are so many skills in such a blissful thing that he has to mention more. Stone lay on the bed, not knowing why he was not sleepy. He tossed and turned and heard something outside. He ran out and said in surprise, "Boss, why are you back?" The black bear ignored him, strode into the room and closed the door. He stood in front of the couch for a moment,Marble Granite Price, not knowing what he was thinking. After a moment, he sat down and took the book out of his bosom. The author has something to say: Black Bear: Study hard and sleep with your wife every day (/ωω) Chapter 42 42 Some books are not suitable for reading alone at night. For a whole hour, the black bear sat on the edge of the bed and did not move. forustone.com 


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