The matchmaker is marrying: the husband of the ghost king, be gentle

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I kicked the door open. It must be too late to drive the car back now, I want to run! Come on, run! The car behind honked my horn as hard as it could, but I didn't care about anything. Had it not been for the fear of being sent to an autopsy, I would have picked me up at night and flown directly to Sister Xu's side! "Quick, quick!" I ran so fast that I almost forgot that I was pregnant. "I'm almost there." Jinhuang KTV is right in front of us. Turning this intersection is the place where we just saw sister Xu's accident! I stumbled, and when I ran to the entrance of the alley, the soles of my feet slipped and I fell to the ground. My hands were propped on the ground, and my palms were wet with sticky and slippery liquid. I subconsciously picked up my hand and looked at it. Blood. My hands are covered with blood! There was a familiar clicking sound in my ears again, and I froze for a long time before I could get up. Mori night! She's right up ahead! I gave a loud shout. All the sounds disappeared. When I rushed over, Mori stood where he was, the street lamp barely illuminated a small area in front of him, the clear skid marks could not be mistaken, and the blood on the ground was very clear. However, the injured here, but not a little bit left. My fists clenched. "You caught me?" I don't really have any hope. [Http://] Netdisk Resource Search, Netdisk Search Artifact (Novels, Movies, TV Series) "No." Mori night shook his head, "when I rushed over,Small Geared Motors, there was nothing left." [Http://] Netdisk Baidu cloud search resources, search novels, search movies is easy to use. I pressed my head and my body was tottering. Song Jiayu is like teasing me, step by step like a cat teasing prey, which makes me feel powerless fear, and even more makes me fall into the situation of being unable to argue! The sound of the mobile phone in my arms is a message prompt belonging to the Wechat group. I looked down for a moment. On the news, Xu Jie's head portrait was active: "Dear colleagues,Low Rpm Electric Motor, I have arrived home.". It's getting late. I'll wash up and go to bed first! Good night With a chill in my heart, I silently put my mobile phone back in my bag. The dead came back one after another. Is there anything more terrible than this? I pressed my head feebly and slumped against the wall. No more dead people. "No more." I almost cried out this sentence, "Why do you want to be so cruel?" They are all innocent, why should they be killed so cruelly. Mori walked up to me in silence, hugged me in her arms and kissed my hair: "Don't cry …" [Http://] Baidu cloud search engine, looking for novels, looking for movies, chasing dramas. Why are some ghosts so kind and some ghosts so hateful. I cried, "Does killing really solve the problem?" Chapter 82 save it. "The evil spirits will be punished, absolutely!" His voice was full of heartache, "Mei, let me do it.". This is the duty of the ghost emperor, and it is not against the agreement between us. I looked up at him with misty tears, and his thumb gently wiped away the tears from my eyes: "I don't want to see your sad expression for anyone anymore.." Eyebrows, 12v Dc Motor High Torque Low Rpm ,small geared motors, including for me. I took a deep breath: "OK, I'll take you to Song Jiayu's home!"! She must be here! Take her and let this terrible slaughter end! Song Jiayu's home is in the downtown area, about 20 minutes' drive from Jinhuang KTV. I hurried all the way, and when I got upstairs, Mori carried me on his shoulder and jumped up to the fifth floor. My heart is about to jump to the throat, now Mori night, the ability of the slave king and the ghost emperor are combined together, although not back to its heyday, but it should be hard to find an opponent. According to reason, Song Jiayu should not be his opponent. It happened that Sen Ye was afraid that I would be alone downstairs, so he had to bother to get me up to watch the actual combat. As soon as he fell together, he had already landed outside the windowsill of Song Jiayu's house on the fifth floor. It looked like I was a kungfu female thief, jumping and sneaking out of the window. Mori night figure a flash, flash into the room, he did not forget to open the window for me, but I can enter in a mess, but also almost tripped, he smiled, in exchange for my eye knife. Because the window was opened, the white curtain on the windowsill was blown up, and the faint moonlight came in. Mori's eyebrows wrinkled. What's the matter? I asked in a low voice. "She might be asleep now?"? In the room? Mori Ye shook his head. "There is no ghost in it." He simply turned on all the lights, and my eyes blinked for a long time before I finally got used to the darkness in the room. I was stunned. One room and one hall in the house, standing on the windowsill, I could clearly see that Song Jiayu was not at home at all. No, except that I was not at home, I could see that a thin layer of dust had fallen on the milky white sofa chair, as if the owner had not come back for some time! I gasped, surprised and suspicious as I looked at Mori. He pressed my hand instead: "Well, don't worry, she should go to work tomorrow, at that time, I will do it again." I nodded, and he turned off the light and helped me climb out of the window slowly. My right eye was throbbing, and my temple was twitching, and it was very painful. I closed my eyes tightly. Are you going to die again? But in front of me, there was no terrible premonition of death, only a big badge, constantly enlarged in front of me, until it occupied my whole mind. I could no longer restrain the dizziness that came to my mind, my head tilted, and I could no longer wake up. [Http://] Netdisk resource search, Netdisk search artifact (novels, movies, TV series) I was awakened by the moist comfort of my lips,Planetary Gear Motor, and when I opened my eyes, the horizon was already white. The moment I saw the dawn, I felt relieved and let out a long breath. 


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