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What Does a Car Key Locksmith Do?

It can be a hassle to lose your car keys. It can happen when you least expect and cause you to miss work or appointments.

It was easy to replace the car keys by going to an auto dealer or a locksmith. Modern cars are more complicated and require a specialized key in order to start the vehicle.


A car locksmith specializes in the manufacture of automobile locks and key fobs. This type of work is more specific than the standard locksmiths. It also requires a specific certification or license. The requirements for licensing vary from state to state. Some require graduation from high school or a GED certificate and training in the field of automotive locksmithing. Some states require a criminal history check and third-party license.

The majority of cars have transponder chips and key fobs that allow vehicles to start. A locksmith can cut or reprogram a key. The locksmith should also have a simple kit to remove stuck or bent keys without damaging the lock. This kit could comprise keys extractors or tools that can grip both sides.

Another requirement for a great car locksmith for car near me is the ability to program an entirely new key into a car's internal system. The locksmith will need the identification number of your car and contact information. The locksmith will need to get an authorization code from the national automotive service task force or other source to create a brand new key.

A car locksmith must also be able to design rough keys for a lock. The process is usually completed using a key machine. The locksmith must be able to recognize tiny etchings on the blade of the key left by locks wafers or pins.

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Most locksmiths have a variety of tools to do their job. Slim Jims are the most common tool. They are thin, long pieces that can be put inside car locks to adjust the locking mechanism inside. Snares and air wedges are other long tools that can be used to rapidly open vehicles. These tools are important to have in your arsenal to reduce time spent during the process of a key lockout for cars and to avoid damage to the vehicle.

Other useful tools include a key extractor which can take foreign objects from the lock slot, car key Locksmith and plug spinners that help to rotate cylinder pins when selecting a lock. A locksmith will also want to invest in a laser key cutter and duplicator. These tools can cut standard barrel, auto, and dimple keys as well as make copies of keys for customers.

A specialized key programer is essential and there are numerous choices to choose from. Advanced Diagnostics produces a variety of special tools for automotive locksmiths, like the BlueDriver. This tool is able to perform a variety of OBD2 features and main system diagnostics. It also allows the programming of new keys for a car. Autel MK808 and DS808 Launch CRPT Touch PRO Elite and AUTEK iKEY820 are also options. Each tool offers different benefits. It is important that locksmiths test each before deciding on the best one for their requirements.


Most people rely on keys to unlock locks protecting their valuables like a house, office or even a bike. It can be frustrating when keys fail, are damaged or get lost. A reputable NYC locksmith can to assist. A professional locksmith is equipped with the right tools and skills to replace a damaged or lost car key swiftly without causing damage to your vehicle.

Auto locksmiths are trained in the traditional mechanics of a lock, but also have some high-tech skills. For instance, a lot of modern cars don't use keys that are traditional but instead have a small chip inside the key fob that communicates with internal computers to start the engine. Locksmiths are trained in decoding these chips and reprogramming new keys.

Some programs offer a hands-on apprenticeships with a well-established company that offers on-the-job training and practical experience. While this is not the best way to gain skills, it can offer the chance to learn about the profession while earning money. Other programs are offered through locksmith associations and vocational schools. These programs generally cover subjects like key blank identification, key duplication, code equipment and cylinder servicing. They may also include classes on cabinet, furniture and mailbox locks. They typically last between one and two weeks to finish. Even one-day courses of a short duration are offered to those who want to learn to become an auto locksmith.


To work on vehicles, a car key locksmith needs to be certified. You must take a fingerprint and pass an investigation into your criminal record to become certified. You also need to submit a recommendation letter from a local trade union as well as an official certificate that proves you have completed a locksmithing course that is accredited. Other requirements include passing the drug test and not having any criminal records.

If you've broken your car key in the lock, call a car key locksmith to get help. This is usually the best method to fix the issue as trying to remove it yourself may cause further damage to the lock. A trained professional will remove the key in a short time without creating further damage to your vehicle.

In addition to fixing or replacing your keys and locks, locksmiths at car dealerships can also create duplicate keys. This is particularly useful when you've lost or stolen key. You can use the spare fob in the event that your key gets lost or stolen again.

Some older cars require a key fob in order to start. In these situations the car locksmith might need to install a new chip inside the ignition system in your car. For this, they will need to know the year model, make, and year. They will also require the VIN number and key code. You can locate the information by looking at your dashboard or on a metal plate.


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