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avon glimmersticks eyeliner colors Glimmerstick Lip Liner

Retractable pencil Avon Glimmerstick Lipliner improves the wear and appearance of lipsticks. It glides smoothly on and lasts for up 12 hours. It is infused with vitamin E to help keep it in place for a long-lasting, vibrant color.

This product is a must have in your make-up bag.

Product Description

The avon glimmerstick lip liner is an automatic pencil that allows you to apply color using fine-line precision. It's durable and smudgeproof with a smooth application that leaves a luminous finish that lasts all day. It's infused with vitamin E, which provides a moisturizing boost. It's also a non-slush and water-resistant formula that won't dry out or flake. It is a great choice for busy women who are constantly on the move. You can pick from 14 colors to be a perfect match to your style.

The best method to purchase the glimmerstick lipliner by avon glimmerstick diamonds eyeliner black ice is to shop at our online store. Orders made before 8am are shipped the same business day and expedited orders are delivered via Fedex the following day. If you have any queries, please contact us.


The avon glitterstick lip liner is a retractable pencil with long-lasting color and precision. It is formulated with nourishing Jojoba oil, vitamin E and collagen to keep your lips soft smooth and hydrated all day long. It glides on smoothly with a soft, smudge-proof formulation and gives you a rich shade that is pigmented and will enhance any gloss or avon true glimmerstick lip liner lipstick. It comes in 14 shades of Pomegranate (Perfect Plum), Red Brick (Au Naturel), Mystery Mauve ( Simply Spice), Pink Bouquet (Chocolate), Vermillion, Cherry, Fiery Fuchsia, Merlot (Merlot), and Simply Spice (Pink Bouquet).

The avon glimmersticks eyeliner Glowstick is a retractable pencil that can be used for a long time. It is available in a range of shades to meet your preferences and looks nice on all skin tones. It can be used to line the lips for a defined look. This product is an essential in your makeup bag! It comes in 14 shades and is a top choice among avon true glimmerstick lip liner customers. avon glimmerstick brow definer blonde's True Color Technology means that the color you choose is the color you apply. This product is also a great choice for people with sensitive skin as it is made from natural ingredients and is smudge-proof.


Avon glimmerstick eyeliner blackest black lip liner the ideal way to define and outline your lips. It's smudge-proof and applies flawlessly for long-lasting, smooth wear! Avon glimmerstick lip liner also helps in enhancing the longevity of your lipstick and lasts for up to 12 hours. It's retractable, self-sharpening and comes in a range of shades. The product is available on my online store and makes a great addition for any makeup collection.

Avon True Color Technology ensures the perfect color every time. The shades are: Pomegranate, Perfect Plum, True Red, Red Brick, Au Naturel, Mystery Mauve, Simply Spice, Pink Bouquet, Chocolate, Vermillion, Cherry, Fiery Fuchsia, Merlot and Electric Plum.

Get your avon products now! We ship orders within the US via Priority mail and First Class mail. Orders placed before 8am are processed the next day. All orders are shipped from my warehouse located in Salt Lake City, Utah.


A properly applied lip liner can have a dramatic effect on your overall appearance. It can enhance the wear of your lipstick and give it that extra punch it requires and also define your lips and create a neat outline for a more consistent application. To keep the lipstick from fade or bleeding, you could also apply the lip liner. The Avon True Color avon true Glimmerstick lip Liner Glimmersticks Lip Liner is the perfect blend of both It's smooth and lasts for hours! It's a self-advancing pencil that provides fine-line precision with vivid color. It's infused with vitamin E and is impervious to smudges.


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