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Avon Perfume Review

Fragrance is an important part of the smell you have. It can influence your mood and give people an impression of who you are.

This is especially applicable to perfumes designed to become a part your own personal scent signature. These scents are more potent than colognes and last longer.

Little Black Dress

The Little Black Dress Initiative allows Junior League members support community projects by wearing black clothing for five days. The campaign also aims to increase awareness of the Junior League's mission and its focus on community issues like hunger, Avon perfume domestic violence, and education.

It is described as a classy floral oriental, the Little Black Dress perfume is perfect for any occasion. The combination of sensual sandalwood, Bulgarian rose, and delicious raspberries will captivate your senses and leaves a beautiful trail all night long.

Discover the Little Black Dress fragrance range which includes perfumes avon for women roll-on deodorants for sweat-free confidence, and scented body creams that smell good and nourish your skin that is hydrated.


A perfume that will give you confidence and a sense of strength. This avon far away perfume scent has a floral scent that is ideal for everyday wear. It is also appropriate on special occasions and will help you stand out from the crowd.

It begins with exotic roses and orchids that are paired with peaches. Then, tulips and peonies gently help to balance the sweetness. The base notes are smoky and sensual.

You can apply a perfume spray to apply it on your pulse points, for example behind your ears, around your wrists and neckline. The scent will last about six hours after spraying it on.

Far Away

This scent is light, Avon perfume sweet and not overpowering. It's a great scent for those who love oriental and floral scents. It's also a budget-friendly fragrance that is perfect for moms who stay at home with a single income.

This floral and oriental scent is part of the legendary Far Away collection. It has enticing notes such as freesia, jasmine sambac, and orange flower. Vanilla orange flower, musk and vanilla musk are also included to add sweetness and warmth. It is available in a variety including body lotion and purse spray.

To wear spray the perfume 7 to 8 inches away from your pulse points. This includes the area behind your ear, around your neckline, your wrists and your inside elbows.


Haiku is a type of poetry that was unrhymed and first appeared in Japan during the 17th century. It was an eloquent response to complex poetic traditions. It is typically an 5-7-5 structure, in which the first and last line contain five and seven "on" (sound units) respectively.

Masaoka Shiki one of the Four Great Masters in Haiku was a straight style of writing. He favored writing about little-known details of everyday life, such as this poem about snails in his sickroom.


avon perfumes discontinued perfumes are made with a durable formula that will last the whole day, so you don't have to reapply it multiple times. This allows you to wear your preferred scent without worrying about it being overpowering.

This timeless Avon classic is full of luscious, appealing and timeless. It opens with a light citrus and gardenia aromas before settling down into a warm, resinous base enhanced by captivating Aldehydes.

This perfume comes in a stunning gold bottle that looks gorgeous on your vanity or nightstand. It's also a wonderful gift idea for women who appreciate the scent of fresh flowers. It's perfect for winter and can be worn to an intimate night out.

Black Suede

Black Suede is probably the most well-known scent Avon offers in its men's line. It's a silky blend that's incredibly masculine, without any discernible "edge" to it. This is a classic cedar-nutmeg-amber scent that is great for any kind of dress-up occasion, especially during colder weather.

avon perfume's Black Suede was a great illustration of how avon perfume on sale understood their target market back then. It's a great bookend to what was an almost-perfect run of solidly-built male scents with themes that emphasized traditional wet-shave designs. It's also easy to upkeep, providing you don't wear it while walking through puddles or spilling your drink on your own.


Try Mesmerize if you are looking for a fresh citrus scent. This scent has a soft citrusy smell that won't overwhelm anyone. It's also a great choice for those who prefer to stay clear of strong floral scents.

Mesmerize is a masculine fragrance that's ideal for wear everyday. It has a fresh and light scent that makes you feel energized all day long. The scent is a mix of fruity, spicy, and woody scents.

This is a 3.4-ounce bottle of cologne spray. The elegant bottle is black and gold. The scent will make you feel elegant and confident. The perfume can be applied anywhere you go thanks to the spritzer bottle.

Wild Country

Avon is often a victim of negative reviews, but they do create some high-quality fragrances. Wild Country is a fine example. It is a classic barbershop fougere somewhat less brash than Brut and more refined than Dana's Canoe. It has a fresh perfume that is powdery and has a touch of oakmoss.

This scent is for the man who values independence and freedom. You'll be ready for any adventure thanks to this confidence-building fragrance spray. It comes in a 3fl. oz. bottle. The deodorant and body wash are also available. Try these out. They'll leave you smell fresh and clean throughout the day.


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