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Throat cancer railroad settlement Cancer Caused by Railroad Jobs

Many railroad workers are at risk of contracting severe ailments due to exposure hazardous chemicals. These substances include diesel exhaust, ETS (second hand smoke from cigarettes) asbestos, as well as other harmful chemicals.

Plaintiff's experts Drs. Frank, Kelsey and McClean used differential diagnosis to determine that Mr. Russell's Throat cancer injury cancer was triggered by his work-related exposure to these carcinogens. Illinois Central argued that the experts' views are not reliable.


The people who work in the railroad industry are usually exposed to dangerous chemicals, including benzene. This chemical is a carcinogen and can cause lung cancer as well as other types of cancer. The Federal Employers Liability Act allows many workers with serious illnesses that could be related to their railroad work to sue their employer. A Houston lawyer for benzene can assist an injured worker submit an action.

FELA claims are similar as workers compensation claims, as both are built on negligence. However, FELA cases are not limited by caps on damages. Those who receive settlements should be compensated for all financial as well as non-economic losses that are a result of their illness, such as medical expenses and lost earnings, Throat cancer injury settlement as well as future diminished earning potential, pain and suffering and other.

Railroad employees can be exposed to a number of harmful substances, such as asbestos diesel exhaust, asbestos, and industrial solvents. Certain chemicals can cause various health issues including Throat cancer injuries cancer. These toxic chemicals are especially harmful to those who are engineers, brakemen and firemen.

Exposure to toxic chemicals within the railway industry can lead to lung cancers like mesothelioma. It can also lead to blood cancers, like leukemia and lymphoma, and bladder cancers, kidney cancers, colon cancers and Throat cancer injury settlements cancer injury settlement ( cancers. A lawyer from the railroad industry will review the case of an individual victim and determine whether they are entitled to compensation.

Statute of Limitations

A person who works for the railroad industry may be at risk of developing Throat cancer settlements cancer or other medical condition due to exposures in the workplace. A FELA lawyer can help those diagnosed with such conditions determine if their employer is to blame and if they are entitled to compensation.

Federal Employers Liability (FELA) is the law that protects railroad workers. FELA cases must be filed in a specific time frame known as the statutes of limitations. The time period is determined by the date the worker would have known that his or her health condition was the result of workplace exposures.

Railroad workers are exposed various chemicals and toxins on the job, including asbestos, diesel fumes, smoke from tobacco plants (ETS), silica, welding fumes and creosote that coats railroad ties. These chemicals and others are known to cause a variety of kinds of cancers, and some can be fatal.

A railroad employee who has been diagnosed with cancer, which could be connected to their job and should consult a lawyer for railroad cancer as soon as is possible. Railroad workers should be informed of their rights under the FELA as well as any possible statute of limitations issues. It is also important to know that an FELA claim is able to be settled before it is brought to trial or even while the case is still in progress, and it is often more beneficial for a client to settle instead of having juries decide on the matter.

Legal Representation

Financial issues could arise when a railroad worker is told that they suffer from cancer or another illness associated with their job. Their medical treatments will likely cost thousands of dollars, and leave them without a paycheck while receiving treatment. Pre-settlement money could be used to pay for expenses while waiting for a settlement.

A lawyer who handles railroad accidents could gather evidence to create an argument for compensation. They could be able to determine the cause of cancer and whether it was caused by exposure to work. Railroad workers are exposed to hazardous substances and chemicals that are known to cause cancer. The risk levels are influenced by the kind of exposure and duration of time. Exposure to carcinogens for only a few minutes is just the same as a long-term exposure.

Diesel exhaust and other workplace toxins may cause lung injuries to workers. Lead paint, for instance, was once common in the railroad industry. Welders who worked on trains and other equipment were exposed to toxic lead fumes. Other occupational toxins include silica asbestos, silica sand and ETS (environmental tobacco smoke).


A railroad worker's job may expose them to dangerous and harmful substances. Many of these chemicals have been proven to cause cancer and the risk for developing cancer increases the longer one is exposed. Inhalation of asbestos, for example, is one of the most common causes mesothelioma. Asbestos was extensively used in the linings of brake shoes for trains, electrical panels and pipe insulation. Many employees in the railroad industry are also at risk for lung cancer as a result of diesel exhaust, Throat Cancer injury settlement which is typically found in passenger and locomotive trains.

Some workers also are at risk of developing other serious health issues. Anyone who is diagnosed with a condition that may be related to their railroad work are able to seek compensation from their employer under FELA. A skilled FELA lawyer can assist a client determine whether their condition is linked to a previous or current position in the railway industry and can assist in the filing of claims.

A successful FELA claim may also include additional medical expenses, compensation for an indefinite complete or partial disability and other damages. The compensation under FELA is usually higher than that awarded for a similar injury or sickness in other sectors, where the law allows employees to submit claims for workers' compensation. A FELA lawyer who has experience will evaluate a settlement offer and make sure it is in line with the needs of the victim.


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