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The Different Types of Vibrating Dildos

When people hear "vibrator," many of people think of toys that resemble dildos. However, the phallic objects are only one of the branches of the vibrator tree.

Whether you need clitoral or vaginal stimulation, or you want to add anal insertion in a sex session with a partner, there is a toy that will meet your needs. To get the most out of your toy, make sure you make sure to apply plenty of lube and follow safe sex practices.


If you prefer the feel of silicone or the feeling of something solid the substance your dildo is made from will have an impact on your experience. Materials that are safe for the body include stainless steel dildo steel, aluminium (like this clitoral sucker) glass, plastic and natural hard materials like wood and smooth ceramics. All of these are inert and can be used without or with the use of lubricant. They will not hold bacteria If you clean them regularly.

Silicone dildos are very popular and comfortable and can be used with or without lubricant. Medical grade non-porous silicone feels luxurious and is compatible with most lubricants. However, certain brands come with a polyurethane, or rubbery coating that can add an additional element of pleasure.

Borosilicate glass dildos may be used to hit specific areas. They are also hygienic, and easy to sterilize using boiling water. Although they are expensive and not everyone is happy with the feel. Metal toys can be quite heavy but they also provide a more firm feeling.


The right size for a dildo is crucial for everyone, whether you are an experienced or novice or somewhere in between. When choosing a dildo there are four distinct measurements to take into consideration the length, width, and the girth.

Length is the first thing you'll see first when looking at buy dildos, but it's not always the most important measurement. What you should look for is the length that can be inserted, which refers to the portion of the dildo that is able to be safely placed into your anal or vaginal canal.

Some dildos can include diameter and girth as well. It is important to differentiate between these two measurements as they could mean completely different things in a dildo according to what it's made for.

A double-ended dildo, as an example, will list both the length as well as the girth (the widest part) of the shaft. To make this easier to comprehend it is important to note that a dildo with greater girth will be thicker and wide, while the opposite is true for smaller ones.


A vibrator vibrating dildos is a sex battery toy that is used by itself or in conjunction with an accomplice. It can be made into anything from a penis to an orb. Some vibrators have a double-ended design and stimulate both the clitoral zone and vaginal area. Vibrators are typically constructed from silicone, plastic or polished stainless steel and are available in a variety of colors and textures.

Although dildos look like shapes of phallic shape and typically require batteries to vibrate, they can't provide the same kind of stimulation that a vibrator. They are also less versatile and can't be inserted into the body as easily as a vibrator.

It's essential to read the instructions that accompany your new toy prior using it for the first time, Fleming says. She says that certain toys have specific settings that require extra care and attention. It is best dildo online to get familiar with them before you play with them. She recommends applying lube to both the toy and the area that you'll be stimulating it. The presence of lube is linked to arousal in the mind and a bit of fluid can make masturbation more intense.


Many people imagine an phallic toy designed for penetration when they hear the word vibrator. However, dildo-like toys can be only one of the branches in the vast array of sexual toy options.

There are vibrators that are designed to stimulate vaginal or clitoral areas and ones that can be placed on the neck or chest for masturbation purposes. Vibrations can be intense or gentle.

If you're new to the sex play scene, Fleming recommends starting with an e-bullet vibe that she describes as "small and subtle." It can be used on its own or with a friend for anal and clitoral stimulation. Fleming as well as Stewart suggest adding lubricant to any vibrator to increase the intensity of the sensations. Fleming explains that the mind associates wetness with arousal. "Wet stimulation can be very intense." For cleaning and sanitizing the toys, the majority of sex toys need to be washed and cleaned regularly, with some requiring special care. Sex toys made from safe materials however, aren't porous and are less prone to harbor harmful bacteria and viruses.


You'll need to choose the right lubricant for your dildo and toy material. Many lubes are compatible with a range of toys, but it is recommended to read the recommendations of your manufacturer before using certain lubes, which can harm or destroy the materials of certain toys.

Silicone-based lubricants aren't recommended for toys made from silicone dildo, since they can cause toys to become degraded. Choose a water-based choice like Aloe Cadabra or another natural lubricant which won't cause stains on your clothes and is easily washed.

Be aware that the amount of lube you apply will depend not only the way you plan to use your sex-toy and how strong the penetration will be. If you're using a Fleshlight to achieve deep penetrations, then you'll need a large amount of lube. On the other hand, if you're just playing with your toy, it's likely that lube won't be required and should be used sparingly.


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