10 Things We All Hate About Double Ended Dildos

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Double Penetration Drildo

If you're looking to broaden your options for pleasure Double penetration dildo is a great option. These toys stimulate both the vaginal and anal regions for intense stimulation and a sense of complete satisfaction.

This kind of sex tool is not suitable for beginners and requires careful positioning. Furthermore, using long double ended dildo dildos require a lot of lubricant to prevent discomfort or even a painful experience.


Double penetration is fun, whether you do it alone or with your partner. But everyone should be aware of what's going to happen. This means that you should set aside some time for play and establishing consent and STI/pregnancy prevention boundaries prior to starting the fantasy.

It is crucial to position yourself when you're ready. Make sure you are able to comfortably insert both ends of the dildo (or sexual toy) into the vagina and your anal simultaneously. Positions such as doggy, 'cowgirl' and missionary are effective, but you might have to experiment with a few variations of these to determine what feels the best double dildo for you.

Before you proceed, make sure that both orifices are coated with lubricant. Having a sufficient amount of water-based lube at the ready will allow for quick penetration and enhance the pleasure you'll experience from pushing your toys in and out. You should consider anal lubricants specifically designed for the rectum, to ensure the maximum comfort.

double dildos penetrations can be painful if not done correctly Don't try to push yourself to the limit. If you feel pain, stop, and rethink the method you're using your sex toy. Be aware that this is a learning process and you'll have to gradually build up your confidence before you can achieve mind blowing orgasms from two holes at the same time. Don't rush into head first, and you'll be ready to explore your DP fantasies.


Double penetration can create an intense orgasm-producing experience, but it's important to be ready and understand what to expect. It can be uncomfortable for some, and it's okay to stop if you need to. It's essential to talk to each other throughout the entire experience, so that everyone knows how they feel and when they need more or less stimulation.

When selecting a double penetration dildo it's crucial to be aware of the length and the diameter. Look for a dildo with two different lengths to ensure that both vaginas are equally stimulated and select one with a larger diameter for a more intense sensation. Many dildos also come with an angled shape for greater comfort and some even offer multi-speed options to increase the depth of pleasure.

When using a double dildo to play with your partner, it's ideal to use plenty of fluid and ensure the toy is clean before inserting. Wearing gloves can also aid in preventing irritation. Choose a toy with double penetration made from a body-safe material like silicone, which is non-porous and will not absorb bacteria that could cause an infection. Some dildos include vibrating or patterned textures that improve the feeling.


Double penetration is a lot of sex, however, you should take it slow and make sure everyone involved is enthralled. Both dildos should be thoroughly lubricated and both orifices must be penetrated gently. This will improve pleasure and avoid injury. It is also essential to communicate clearly with your partner(s) about what they are doing.

Insufficient lubrication may cause pain when using a daildo. Nidhi, 32, a content writer, suffered for two weeks of pain in her anus after her partner attempted to double anal penetrate her using a butt-plug as well as an dildo with a Double ended silicone dildo-ended end.

To avoid the same fate ensure you are using a water-based product. If your hands become dry then you can apply more with the squirt of water or a damp cloth. Also, make sure to use a gentle jelly-like lube over a thick silicone formula.

Elvira is one of several dildos available from Temptasia that are ideal for double penetration. The toy is slim and short, with tapered ends on each end. It can be used for both vaginal and anal penetration. It's a great choice for those who are new to the sport because it's cheap and easy to insert. You can bend the toy a bit and tilt it to get more sensations.

General Tips

If you are using double dildo toy penetration diddles for anal play, or vaginal exploration you should apply a generous coating of water-based oil. This will enhance the feeling of insertion and increase satisfaction for both partners. Communication is crucial to ensure that both partners are comfortable.

Whether you're trying out an asymmetrical dildo for yourself or with your partner, it's important to take your time and gradually get comfortable with the experience. Begin by piercing the sexy toy with a couple of fingers to get a feel for it prior to attempting a full penetration. Once you feel confident you can experiment with different positions that will allow you to take pleasure in a double penetration dildo to the maximum.

Double penetration sex with a dildo offers exciting new options for pleasure that weren't offered by any other toy in the past. You'll experience an amazing vaginal or anal penetration with the right toys, proper positioning and lubrication. Always be secure and double ended silicone dildo use condoms at both sides of the dildo (and any other sexual toy that you share with your partner) to stay clear of STDs.


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