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How to Care For and Clean a Silicone Anal Plug

Buying an anal plug is typically one of the first toys someone new to the world of anal play will purchase. But it's also a game that can lead to confusion over how to properly care for Vibrating Anal Plugs it and effectively clean it.

The most important thing to keep in mind is not to share any anal plug without washing it thoroughly. This will help to prevent the spread and infection of STIs.


Anal plugs come in a variety of sizes and the diameter or wideness of the plug determining its size. It is important to choose the right size plug to fit your anus perfectly to ensure safety and comfort. Some people find a wide plug more exciting and exciting, while others prefer narrower plugs that give a tighter feeling.

Another factor is whether the toy is weighed. This additional stimulation can create an element of kink and increase the fun. If you're new to using anal plugs, start with a smaller size, and gradually increasing the size until you find the ideal fit.

Anal plugs can be a fantastic instrument to explore new erogenous areas and enhance your sexual experience. Some individuals utilize it to enjoy intimate, hands-free sex in the privacy of their home, while others use as a transitional tool before attempting anal sex. It can be a fun toy for straight guys who are interested in anal sex.

If you're just getting started with anal plugs, consider this beginner-to-intermediate plug from Fun Factory. This model has a curved base and a large T bar base that makes it easier to handle and maneuver. Plus, it comes with a lubrication applicator to ensure that you're completely coated prior to playing.


Safety of the material is always a top consideration when it comes to adult insertable toys. However, it's more so with anal plugs. The plug will be constantly in contact with your rectal lining as well as your sphincter. The material must be hypoallergenic and disinfectable to reduce the chance of infection. Materials like silicone, neoprene and glass, metals, wood or other natural or synthetic textures that don't cause irritation to the skin are the best.

SquarePeg Toys' anal plug is one of the most well-known options available. The silicone plug is slim and curved, making it ideal for novices. It is suitable for solo or partner play. It can be played on the G-spot and the ring. It has a variety of vibrating anal plugs (Www.Topsadulttoys.Uk) speeds as well as a rotatable anal masseuse that simulates the rimming.

Another option that is great is this slender anal plug made by Hankey's Toys, which is also suitable for Vibrating Anal Plugs people who are just beginning to use. It has three different vibrating speeds as well as an attachment rotating that stimulates the nerve-endings.

Incorporating anal music into your kink routine can provide you with new pleasure zones. However, to make the most of your anal plug, make sure that you're fully stimulated before you try it. Anal plugs can provide pressure that reaches the vaginal and anus wall, which can lead to orgasms you may not have previously experienced. They also can reach an erogenous zone you didn't know you had, says Honickman.


Anal plugs are available in various sizes and shapes. Some have a rounded tip for more ease of inserting, while others have a flared base to help keep the plug in place and avoid accidental slippage. Some have tails that are removable that let you alter the toy's fantasy.

If you're just beginning out with your first project, a tapered hole will be a great choice. The shape lets you ease into the hole and lets you play without hands. It is also compatible with water-based lubricants so you can enjoy a secure anal experience. A flared base also protects the anal canal from external pressure and provides an extra level of security.

Many anal syringes are made of silicone, which is a body-friendly material that can be used safely with anal lubricants. Avoid dildos made from PVC, jelly or thermoplastic rubber (TPE) because they may release unknown plasticizers into your body and are known to cause black mold if placed in damp conditions.

Consider purchasing a vibrating plug to get a more stimulating experience. Lola Jean, a sex educator who offers an online course on butt-stuffing and pegging says that this toy is perfect for those who are just beginning, since it lets them feel the sensation without needing to penetrate. She claims that the vibrating action mimics the feeling of rimming, and helps you relax your abdominal area prior to entering.


Make sure to use a premium lubricant when playing with the silicone plug. This will make it easier to insert the toy and play more comfortably. It will also ensure that the toy remains smooth and slick, even after prolonged butt actions. We recommend using water-based lube as it's barrier and toy-friendly, however, silicone lube can be employed. Be sure to avoid using a silicon-based lube in conjunction with a metal plug because it could cause corrosion and leave behind bits of the toy.

Plugs can be molded in an assortment of shapes and sizes and a lot have added features and textures that take anal play to the next level. They can be shaped with ridges, bumps or hollow centers that allow for exploration and thrills. You can find options that vibrate or buzz to add more excitement.

For those new to the idea of using butt plugs We recommend starting with a smaller model such as this one from Fun Factory. The curved bulb is perfect for beginners or people who are looking for a more targeted and focused play experience The base is large enough to fit easily between cheeks that have butts. It's also made with phthalate-free and body safe silicone to provide more comfort. For those looking for something that's a little more intense you should check out this model from Doc Johnson's A-Play line. It thumps and thrusts for intense anal play, and is rechargeable for long-term wear.


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