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What to Do With Your Rep Kit

Rep avon kits are a great means to fix your gear before you are at the trailhead for a professional repair. The trick is knowing what to do with it if you need it.

Dentures that are home-repaired over a long period of time can lead to the loss of bone, irritation and tumors.


It is crucial to have the right tools at your side when you're out in the field. This kit was designed with that in mind. It contains all the basic hand tools necessary to repair equipment in the field. The tools are constructed of metal and contain the smallest amount of plastic, so they can endure the use. The kit avon comes complete with the coalcracker tool, a canvas zippered pouch with awl, reamer, twisted cutting shears, the gimlet (5MM), wooden spool of sinue a bottle of coalcracker oil and a set illustrated instructions.

You can purchase this kit with a avon start smart bag 2023 (prices are listed above), or you can purchase the tools alone.

Repair Patches

Think about adding adhesive patches to your kit if there are a few holes in your gear. These patches are made of high-performance adhesives that are applied to a tough polyurethane backing that allows a tear to recover under pressure. These patches are available in clear or colored versions and ensure durability against punctures as well as moisture, sunlight, saltwater and temperature extremes.

If your kit does not contain any of the above items, think about adding a bag of water-proof Aquaseal wader repair sealant. This water-tight adhesive can be bonded to metals and fabrics to create permanent repair. This is ideal for repairs to drysuits, and is also used in the field. Let the sealant cure for up to 12 hours prior using the repaired equipment.

The most essential field fabric repair kit for silicone impregnated nylon tents packs, rainwear, and more. This kit includes one Clean Tape patch and a sil-nylon repair sample along with a 1/4-ounce tube of Goretex Sil-Fix repair adhesive & sealant and brush. Apply patch to a clean, flat surface. Allow a minimum 1/2 inch overlap. Remove release paper from patch surface and rub it with moderate finger pressure (adhesive side up).

Surface preparation is essential to successful repairs. Sunblock, acetone, or oil on boots and shoes can cause adhesion issues. Use Seam Grip with Cotol 240 Cure Accelerator for the best results.

Adhesive Patches

If you're on the trail and do not have the time to make the full repair of your vulcaniser These patches will get you back in the saddle without the wait. Simply roughen the tube with the included scraper, then apply one of the self-adhesive patches to apply the patch.

Use the tube-scuffer tool to roughen up the surface. This will assist the glue stick. Then spread a thin coating of glue on the patch to cover an area that is at least as big as the patch. Allow the glue to become tacky and then press the patch down firmly and secure it.

The kit contains two adhesive-backed, clear Tenacious Tape fabric repair patches. It also includes the 1/4 ounce Seam Grip urethane sealant and repair adhesive. Perfect for reinforcing damaged tents, sleeping bags rainwear, backpacks, Advanced Starter Kits and boots.

Repair Instructions

It's a good idea welcome to avon keep a repair kit for emergencies in your luggage whenever you travel. You don't know when something is going to fail or be damaged and you'll be glad you have the tools to fix it. Rep Advanced Starter Kits (Mulgogimusic.Com) are designed to hold everything you require all in one place for repairs. Each kit is filled with items chosen by Appalachian Bushman School teachers to make life easier outside. Kits include a zippered canvas coalcraker tool and repair pouch cutting shears, twisted awl gimlet (5MM) wooden spool with sinue thread, bonded nylon glass vial with needles and coalcracker gear oil.


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