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Birth Defect Lawsuits

Although medical advances have decreased the risk of pregnancies but negligence is the cause of many birth injuries and birth defects. For example, whether it was due to chemical exposure at work or a misapplication of drugs, parents who are stunned often have a claim for compensation.

Many states have a statute of limitations of only one year, so getting in touch with an attorney sooner rather than later is crucial. A knowledgeable attorney can guide clients and assist them in determining the value of their case.

Medical Malpractice

Medical malpractice claims could arise at any point during labor, pregnancy or delivery. If a doctor fails meet the accepted standard of care, and this negligence causes injury or birth defects and birth defects, they could be held responsible for a medical malpractice claim.

Doctors are accountable for evaluating the mother's current medications as well as any health issues she may have, and advising the mother of possible risks to her baby. A physician who ignores their duties and causes harm can be held responsible for medical malpractice.

A birth defect lawyer will assist you in determining whether a claim for medical malpractice is valid and help you through the legal process. Due to the delicate nature of medical malpractice claims, you need to find an experienced lawyer you can are confident in.

The sooner you get started the earlier you begin, the better. A qualified lawyer for birth defects can assist you in filing your claim before the statute of limitations in your state expires. Most states offer only one year to file a lawsuit for medical negligence, and it can take time to deal with such an incredibly serious incident. You require a lawyer who can work swiftly to obtain the needed records and gather evidence to support your case. This is especially important when your baby suffers injuries due to medical negligence, because the faster you initiate legal action, the more evidence you'll need to support your claim.

Environmental Causes

Although birth defects resulting from genetic causes constitute a significant portion of all cases, environmental factors also are a factor. These causes are not well understood to the scientific community and could include exposure to toxic chemicals or substances at work or home. These chemicals, for example solvents paint thinners, solvents, engraving processing chemicals, cleaning fluids and certain alloys of iron, waseca Birth defect Lawsuit can increase the likelihood of a child developing birth defects. These kinds of exposures have been the basis of birth defect lawsuits filed by LK's attorneys on behalf of clients who work in beauty salons, paint factories and semiconductor manufacturing plants, in addition to other industries.

Unfortunately, the majority of severe birth defects are caused by environmental or genetic causes. These causes cannot be prevented by lifestyle choices or medical treatments. Doctors and scientists have difficulty determining the cause of the specific birth defect. The only way to decrease the incidence of Huber Heights Birth Defect Lawsuit defects is to educate women who are expecting and encourage them to be cautious with their choices of food, medications and lifestyle choices.

A medical malpractice case involving a born defect is different from a typical personal injury claim in that it requires a thorough knowledge of both legal and medical issues. Our birth defect lawyers are familiar with these complex cases and will fight for you to receive the compensation you deserve.


Pregnancy-related medications can cause birth defects. These include facial and limb anomalies or eye problems, brain and spinal cord issues, among other things. If the medication causes a birth defect the family may bring a lawsuit against the manufacturer of the drug in a lawsuit for product liability.

Birth defects can also result through exposure to prescription drugs, toxic chemicals, or other environmental factors in the first three months, which is a crucial time for growth. A birth defect lawyer can help you determine your legal options in the event that the birth defect of your child could be due to medications.

Drug manufacturers must test their products thoroughly prior releasing them to the public. They are also required to offer warnings about possible adverse reactions. A holly springs birth defect lawyer defect lawyer can help parents who want to sue the drug company for selling drugs that cause birth defects.

Several types of medications can cause waseca Birth defect lawsuit defects such as non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) including lithium angiotensin II antagonists and cancer drugs like thalidomide or diethylstilbestrol. The lawyers from LK's medical negligence department have secured billions of dollars for families whose children sustained injuries as a result of the usage of these and other drugs. The firm has also fought several cases in which children were injured due to toxic chemicals used in the workplace or by environmental pollution.


Pregnancy is among the most exciting and nerve-wracking experiences in a woman's life. However, if something goes wrong during this time, the effects could be severe. Birth defects can be serious and affect a child's heart, brain, limbs or general body functioning. This could cause the child to live a shorter life and cause a lot of pain for their parents.

Some birth defects are genetic. Others can be caused by the inattention of medical professionals and hospital staff. This can include prescribing medication that could cause birth defects, or putting in the wrong dosage. It could be as easy as failing to monitor the health of the fetus, or expose the mother to harmful chemicals while she is pregnant.

If a parent suspects that the berea birth defect lawsuit defect or mechanicville birth defect attorney injury is due to negligence by a medical professional, they should seek out an New York birth defect attorney right away. A lawyer can assist in determining the best way to proceed and the amount of compensation a parent could be entitled to.

Birth defects can be caused by medical malpractice or toxic substances, environmental factors, or a combination. The knowledgeable New York birth defect lawyers at Finz & Finz on Long Island and in New York City can help in the event that you believe your child's illness was due to the negligence of another. Contact us today toll-free for a free consultation.


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