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Birth Defect Litigation

Parents who discover that their child is born with a defect could be faced with expensive procedures and needs that they shouldn't have to bear. At LK, our Pittsburgh birth defect lawyers are committed to helping families seek justice for their children.

We are aware that toxic exposures or prescription drugs as well as medical negligence can lead to some of these ailments. Find out more about our firm and contact us for a no-cost consultation with an New York birth defect lawyer today.

Medical Malpractice

Birth defects can be devastating to a family, whether they result from negligence or genetic. If birth injuries or defects was avoidable, parents who have been injured should speak with a birth defect lawyer to determine if there is an opportunity to sue the medical professionals responsible.

Everyone believes that nurses and doctors know how to treat ailments, respond to emergencies and care for diseases. But they are human, and make mistakes, often with tragic consequences. If the mistakes are linked to pregnancy and birth they may result in congenital disabilities that dramatically alter the life of a child.

Birth defects that are result from medical negligence typically result from the failure to recognize the condition or illness that could have been avoided and treated. These types of cases are usually caused by medications and treatments used by mothers during pregnancy and in the months and weeks prior to delivery.

Other birth defects could be caused by environmental factors. They could be caused by chemical or environmental exposure and the use of certain drugs or medications and the consumption of low quality or contaminated foods. These issues are at the center of many birth defect lawsuits filed against pharmaceutical companies as well as hospitals, doctors and other medical institutions. These lawsuits are based on the principle that manufacturers and pharmacists have a duty to inform pregnant women of the dangers associated with certain drugs and medicines.

Prescription Drugs

When a child has a birth defect that can be traced back to medications that the mother took during pregnancy, a lawsuit may be a possibility. Birth defects may be caused by genetics or as a result of poor prenatal treatment or exposure to harmful chemicals.

A lawyer can assist in determining what medical bills are eligible for reimbursement, including procedures at the hospital, doctor's appointments, rehabilitation services and assistive devices. Based on the severity of the birth defect compensation defect, parents may be entitled to damages for pain and suffering as well.

Pregnancy can be a stressful time and there are a variety of things that could be wrong. However certain events are possible to prevent. Certain birth defects could be caused by a physician prescribing drugs which increase the chance of having a baby develop a defect or a mistake made during the birth process. If you suspect that the birth defect in your child is due to medical malpractice, consult an attorney immediately.

Dangerous prescription drugs are known as teratogens and can cause birth defects in fetuses and newborns. Contact a Boston dangerous drugs lawyer immediately when you suspect that your child's birth defect could be due exposure to prescription medications. A legal team that has experience can assist you in determining likely responsible parties and provide you compensation.

Drug Manufacturers

It may be possible to sue a drug maker if a mother or fetus suffers from birth defects which affect the body's functions and appearance. Drug makers are responsible to test their products and informing pregnant women about the risks. The drug Zofran was advertised for pregnant women even though the company was aware that it could result in a serious birth defects. In these cases, the pharmaceutical company is held accountable under strict product liability law.

You should speak with an experienced attorney immediately when you suspect that the birth defect of your child was the result of medical negligence during pregnancy or delivery. If a parent is waiting too long to take legal action then the statute of limitations has passed and they will be disqualified from bringing a claim.

Birth defects can be caused by environmental factors, genetics and certain medications pregnant mothers take during pregnancy. Many of these factors can, however, be avoided. In some instances birth defects that are serious can dramatically alter the life expectancy of a child and it is crucial that parents are aware of their legal options. If you are unsure about a birth defect lawsuit, contact an experienced Boston injury lawyer today. You can also complete a contact request to request an attorney to contact you regarding your case.


Birth defects can be caused by a variety of factors. Certain birth defect attorney defects are genetic. Others are caused by environmental factors like the mother's exposure to prescription and over-the counter drugs (teratogens) or birth defect litigation chemicals found in beauty salons and paint factories. Birth defects can cause disabilities and require the cost of a lifetime's worth medical care.

Medical malpractice is still a possibility even though the advancement of technology has drastically reduced the risk of certain medical procedures. If your child suffered a birth injury as the result of a doctor's negligence prior to or during labor and delivery or during labor, you may be able to claim damages.

If your child is suffering from an illness of the mind that is severe enough to keep them off a regular job, they may be eligible for government disability benefits. It is, however, essential to speak with a reputable attorney about your situation and the options available for obtaining the maximum possible settlement.

Your family could be entitled to compensation in addition to medical expenses and lost income due to pain and suffering. This could include punitive damages and other damages related to the birth defect or injury. Our lawyers are well-aware of the complexity of these cases and are committed in pursuing justice for your family. Contact us today for a no-cost consultation.


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