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연락처 bake49brands@gmail.com 담당자 -

손님 대부분이 현지분이여서 현/전화 오더, 제품 설명에는 지장없을 영어는 필요합니다.
(Pastry Chef/Baker 는 영어는 필요 없지만, 비에누아제리 / 파타슈 경험 필수)
Barista experience and weekend availability is essential.
A bit about us...
Bake 49 is a take out bakery located in Yaletown serving pastries and coffee

We're looking for someone with FOH + barista skills with friendly / upbeat personality at work and toward customers as well.

Duties include
- Taking orders + handling payments
- Packaging pastries in efficient / aesthetic manner
- Making espresso based drinks
- Keeping your working environment / display area clean
- Jumping in to help where ever needed
- Completing daily task lists
- Keeping your cool in a busy environment
- Knowing how to stay busy even when there are no orders up

Job Requirements:
- Cross over skills (cash handling, barista skills and FOH experience)
- Keeping kind with your fellow staff members and customers under pressure
- Keeping up with the safety rules in place

- Daily food allowance during your shift
- Staff discounts
- Close to Yaletown skytrain

Checkout out instagram @bakeforynine to see what we are about.

The details

- Very competitive wage. Higher pay depending on your skill level.
If you have more skills/asset to bring to the company we will definitely reward accordingly.
We want you to grow along with us!
- Daily beverage / pastries allowance !
- Wednesday & Sunday 2 day shift
- Close proximity to Yaletown skytrain station

Check us out on our instagram @bakefortynineㅤㅤ

email your resume to bake49brands@gmail.com 


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