2007 Ford E350 Super Duty Box Truck 16FT $23,900


가격 $ 23,900 지역 NY&NJ
색상 흰색 주행거리 55,616 mile
차량종류 Ford 사고여부 N
분류 매매 등록일 2022-12-13
판매자 정보
전화번호 714-752-9373

2007 Ford E350 Super Duty Box Truck 16FT / LOW 마일리지

Only 55,616 Original miles.


Vehicle has been serviced and smog checked.

Clean Title.



NEW liftgate. (NEW 파워 리프트게이트)

New Tires. (새타이어)

Power Locks.

Power Steering.

Air Conditioning.

Alarm installed on truck to protect from theft. (알람설치)


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bobby 작성일

The car I love very much and have attached for a long time https://runaway3d.com

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Casey Newman 작성일

The car looks quite old and retro style. I love classic models https://thebackrooms2.com

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